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Carpetland carpet binding services turns carpet remnants into affordable new household rugs

If you have left-over carpet remnants from an earlier installation, don’t toss them away because our carpet binding service can turn them into beautiful new rugs.

Carpetland offers the lowest costs on quality carpet binding services in the Virginia area. Now, you can use old carpeting remnants to create beautiful new area rugs at a much lower cost than purchasing new ones. Carpet binding provides you with a practical way to conserve cash while improving your interior design.

What is carpet binding?

Carpet binding uses a unique type of binding tape to seal the rough, unwoven edges of carpeting remnants. This binding tape is then attached to your floor coverings with a high-powered sewing machine. This can be done to carpeting remnants of any size and works on a variety of textures and materials.

Here are the steps you need to take before you undergo carpet binding:

  • Colors: Select the color of your binding tape that you prefer. You can choose a color that matches your carpeting remnant or one that's bright and different.
  • Design: Think about every aspect of your lifestyle prior to choosing a design for your carpet binding.
  • Size and Shape: Decide upon the size of your new area rug. We can easily change the form, size, and width of your carpeting remnant to fit whatever room you are planning to use it in.

Why carpet binding?

There are many good reasons. For example, a simple runner over your stairs can decrease the chances of someone slipping and falling, which will make your home safer. The extra padding can also reduce any chance of injury should a fall happen.

A mat at the front or rear door can lessen the amount of dirt, sand, mud and other things from being tracked inside your home. This will extend the life of your flooring and make cleaning your home a lot easier.

Similar patterns of carpet located in adjoining rooms can tie the design schemes from several rooms together. This is one more way to make your home design look planned and well thought out. All of these things and more can be created from small pieces of carpet or fabric through Carpetland’s affordable rug binding service. If you’ve recently had carpeting installed and there are remnants left over, or if you have a fabric that you'd like to use, we can turn these into a mat, area rug, runner or cover piece.
Carpet Binding in Metro DC, Fairfax County & Prince William County
The installation processes for other flooring products are all quite different. However, you can rest assured that your Carpetland installation team is fully prepared to handle any product you choose efficiently. We are pleased to serve homeowners in Springfield, Alexandria, Falls Church, Woodbridge and other Virginia communities.

For more information, call us, or stop by at one of our showrooms in Springfield, Woodbridge, Alexandria or Falls Church, VA to discuss your planned flooring installation with one of our professionals.