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Carpetland installation professionals will install any flooring product to manufacturer’s specs accurately and affordably

No two flooring products require the same installation techniques and that’s why Carpetland technicians must understand them all to do top quality work.

Today’s flooring industry has more diverse products to offer than ever before and with that comes installation. And it’s likely that fast evolving new technologies will broaden this selection even more in the near future.

Carpetland sells and installs the full range of popular flooring products including carpet, hardwood, laminate, ceramic & porcelain tiles, VCT and sheet vinyl. This requires that our experts must keep continually up-to-date about the proper installation techniques for new flooring products. After all, Carpetland understands that even the finest flooring products won’t compensate for a second-rate installation.

Hardwood installation

Hardwood floors have been steadily growing in popularity. While they are an excellent choice, especially in homes with kids and pets, it’s important to understand a little about the installation process.

There are four possible methods for installing your hardwood floor. These include nail down, staple down, glue down and floating. Which method your installer will choose will depend upon a variety of factors about your sub-floor and other things he will carefully consider.
  • Acclimation - All hardwood flooring products must be acclimated to their new environment for at least four or five days before the installation. This allows the natural material to expand or contract prior to installation. Professional installers will open all the boxes to enable this acclimation process.
  • Preparation - Prior to installation, it’s important to relocate all furniture and other objects away from the rooms where your new flooring will be installed. It’s always better if you do your own moving to make certain that nothing gets broken in the process. Carpetland can help you move some heavier items if you need it, but you still should remove any small, breakable items and empty the drawers prior to beginning the installation. If you’re going to remove your old floors, do so at least one day prior to the arrival of your hardwood to allow time for cleanup and proper floor preparation.

Tile installation

Floor tile usually requires a minimum installation time of 3 days. It may take longer, depending upon the size of the job and the amount of detail work. The types of mortars used and application of the sealer for stone tile all have some influence on the amount of time required.

  • Preparation - The first step is to prepare the sub-floor for the installation. Carpetland's professional tile setter will discuss this with you in detail before starting the installation. Tile requires a solid base on which to bond; we will use the best system available to accomplish that.
  • Setting Tile - Setting ceramic tile is the most time consuming portion of this process. When the ceramic tiles are installed, it is important not to walk on them at least over night until they are set. A full 24-48 hours would be better, but it is not always possible. Any movement of the tiles will affect the plastic bond between tile and mortar and cause loose tiles.
  • Grouting - Grouting is the final phase of the installation. The application of grout is the process which brings it all together by blending the lines of the tiles, the edges of your room and the fixtures into one smooth-flowing design scheme.
Flooring installation in Metro DC, Fairfax County & Prince William County

Cleaning and maintenance

A completed installation doesn’t automatically mean a beautiful home. There are a few more steps that Carpetland takes to finish your home remodeling project properly.

Clean-up - Installation can be a very messy process. Depending on the products you’ve had installed, you may find anything from plaster dust to adhesive residue in places where it clearly constitutes a mess. We won’t leave that on your hands like other installation companies. We’ll leave your home as clean as we found it, with new fixtures to boot.
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