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Hardwood flooring is not a hard choice

Choosing to stop and take a second look at hardwood flooring is probably one of the easiest decisions you could make as a homeowner. The benefits are abundant, and the life span of solid wood is honestly almost impossible to match. Given the right combination of options, it’s likely that this will be the very last flooring you ever have to install, even if you’ve only just purchased your home.

At Carpetland, we know how important your floors are to you as a homeowner. For that reason, they are equally important to us. We will make sure that you not only find the perfect material, with the perfect options to fit your needs, but the perfect services necessary to bring it all to culmination. We proudly service the areas of Springfield, Woodbridge, Alexandria, and Fall Church, VA, and we have showrooms in each of locations. Feel free to stop by at your convenience and let us help you find your floor covering.

Hardwood facts that make a difference

We want to start out by letting you know that hardwood is not a flooring that should be attempted as a do-it-yourself project, nor should it be left to amateur installers. Many specialized tools are needed, and there are many things that can go wrong when an installer lacks experience with this particular material. Simply measuring one piece wrong can result in the entire room being off, and your overall budget can wind up suffering greatly. Furthermore, if the correct gap is not left around the edges, it can lead to wood damage and a life span that is drastically decreased.

In choosing the perfect wood flooring for your home, you’ll want to decide between solid or engineered. As you might assume, solid wood is one piece, all the way through, while engineered has only a veneer of real wood on top of a composite backing. Engineered wood is much better in some rooms than solid, as it doesn’t expand or contract with temperature changes or humidity. It can also be placed in basements, where solid hardwood cannot go.
No matter which type of wood you choose, you will also need to choose such options as species and finish. The species determines many things, including how well it stands up under pressure, and whether or not it will take a stain well.The finish you choose can even hide some of the everyday wear and tear it will be subject to.

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